After the rise of Cloud Computing, the pattern of creating and maintaining infrastructures has been disruptive. With all the handy tools and Services like Containerization, Infrastructure as Code, Infrastructure as Service (also Infrastructure as APIs), Configuration Management in place, infrastructure can be seamlessly created, managed and destroyed.

Immutable infrastructure is a paradigm for infrastructure management in which servers are seldom modified after they’re deployed. If an update, fix, or modification is to be made, new servers are built from a common image or using a standard configuration management code with the appropriate changes to replace the older ones. …


The primary objectives of DevOps comprises Monitoring along with Culture, Automation and Sharing responsibilities. AWS has always played a vital role in flourishing the DevOps philosophy. Databases are the crucial part of every web-based applications. Storage requirement for databases grows on an incremental basis everyday. In this post, I will be diving into how we can leverage the technologies provided by AWS to address these needs.


In AWS, We use RDS for hosting databases; cloudwatch for monitoring, SNS to send notification and Lambda as a Compute service for Serverless applications.

As Shown in Above diagram, We will be setting up…


If you already have a website hosted on your server, Do you think you have required encryption for your traffic? Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate can prevent Man in the Middle (MITM) and Identity forgery attacks for your website users. This article can is a good starter if you are looking to host a website.

Ubuntu is the key player in operating system business as the Operating system for servers. It is also one of the Linux distribution and is managed by canonical Limited. We assume you have the following things ready for yourself. …

Krishna Chalise

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